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Civitas Networks for Health raises the voices of local health collaboratives putting in the hard work to change the way health care operates. From the secure exchange of life-saving data to the accountability of multi-stakeholder health improvement initiatives, our member organizations have built the most trusted, connected, and inventive programs to serve their communities, regions, and states. By supporting these nonprofit collaboratives and sharing their successes with other programs and at the national level, Civitas is helping speed progress toward higher quality, better connected health care in the U.S.

Civitas is a small, high-performing, fully remote team of public health and health care association management professionals who are working to build our new organization both to serve our 170+ member organizations across the country and to deliver on our mission. Our members represent regional health improvement collaboratives, regional and statewide health information exchanges, all-payer claims databases, health data organizations, and affiliated organizations. Our federal and national grant-funded programs focus on multi-site data-driven approaches to advance health and health equity. Though the team is small, the national network reaches 95% of the United States. The ideal person to serve in this role is looking for an opportunity to grow within a dynamic nonprofit organization with an important mission and is interested in developing subject-matter expertise in Civitas’ areas of focus.

Open positions

Program Coordinator

We are seeking a highly organized and detail-oriented individual to join our team as a Program Coordinator. In this crucial role, you will play a vital part in supporting the administrative and logistical aspects of strategic initiatives and grant funded programs. Additionally, you will provide essential assistance to the programmatic work of various work groups and councils, ensuring the smooth functioning and success of our initiatives. This is a temporary, term limited, full-time, non-exempt position. As a Program Coordinator, you will report directly to the Vice President, Business Development and Programs, and will collaborate closely with program leads and external partners to achieve our program’s objectives.

Please note that this position is funded by one or more grant programs. While Civitas Networks for Health is committed to offering continued employment to valued team members when individual grants and programs end, it does not guarantee continued employment beyond the length of the assigned grant(s).

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Grants and Programs Manager/Senior Manager

This is a dynamic full-time position that entails close collaboration with our entire team, funders, members, and partners on a national scale. As the Grants and Program Manager, you will play a pivotal role in supporting various programs and projects within Civitas, with a primary focus on grants and contract management.

Responsibilities will span the entire spectrum of grants and contract management, from identifying lucrative opportunities for Civitas and its members to meticulously overseeing the development and submission of proposals. The role extends to the efficient management of a diverse portfolio of projects, where you will be tasked with maintaining detailed project plans and reports. Adept project management skills will ensure that deliverables are not only met but surpassed, adhering to set timelines and budgetary constraints.

Reporting directly to the VP, Business Development and Programs, this role serves as a linchpin in the organization’s pursuit of strategic objectives. The collaborative nature of the position demands active engagement with the broader team, as well as external stakeholders, emphasizing the interconnectedness of our mission and initiatives. As the Grants and Program Manager/Senior Manager, you will contribute significantly to the success and growth of Civitas, driving impactful outcomes in the realm of grants, contracts, and project management.

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